• 2008

    • WIGNA took its first steps
  • 2010

    • The establishment of WIGNA's distribution center marked a significant milestone. Additionally, the launch of our first product line aimed to support healthy living.
  • 2012

    • WIGNA splendidly opened its flagship store, expressing a commitment to excellence. Furthermore, to strengthen ties with the local community, we hosted health food seminars and events.
  • 2015

    • WIGNA products were exported to various countries including Thailand, Korea, and China, making them accessible in pharmacies and health food stores. During this period, we also introduced eco-friendly manufacturing processes to enhance sustainability.
  • 2017

    • Initiating our in-house manufacturing project granted us greater control over product quality and innovation. Additionally, we emphasized social responsibility by enhancing partnerships with the local community and initiating programs to contribute to society.
  • 2019

    • Expanding our presence to pharmacies and health food stores across Australia marked a significant milestone. Furthermore, the initiation of Manuka honey production under the WIGNA brand commenced. Additionally, we actively utilized social media platforms and built online communities to foster positive interactions with consumers.
  • 2023

    • Recognition of our products' quality led to their placement in the prestigious SHILLA Duty-Free Shop at Incheon Airport, Korea. Concurrently, we participated in international health food fairs and exhibitions to increase brand awareness and expand into the global market.
  • 2024

    • WIGNA Health Foods successfully developed and produced over 40 products, currently available in duty-free shops. Furthermore, venturing into the pet health food market signifies growth in new business areas.