What WIGNA stands for?
WIGNA – With Grand Nature
We acknowledge that nature is our foundation, where we all headed in the end.
With Grand Nature, we can live full, healthy,
enjoyable life and our products will deliver the nature itself.
We are passionate about your Healthy life and well being in this competitive world. We acknowledge that nature can survive without human,
but we can’t exist without nature.
At WIGNA, we are passionate about natural health and helping people take control of their wellbeing and lead a healthy lifestyle.
We strive to create the highest quality health food supplements that take a natural approach, based on our expertise and knowledge
in cholesterol-related health supplements.
We believe that nature provides us with an invaluable gift from God and that through it, we can achieve a healthy life, live a happy life with our loved ones,
and thrive in this wonderful world. No matter how much the world develops, nothing can surpass the power of nature and the nourishment it provides us.
We are proud to be part of the natural health movement and to
help you take control of your wellbeing.
WIGNA aims a company that develops and supplies various healthcare products, including products that improve mental health, beauty, and quality of life as well as physical health from children to the elderly.

WIGNA promises to be a trusted and loved company by using good,
high-purity raw materials to improve consumer health and supplying only products that have passed strict and thorough quality control regulations in Australia.